Ryan, Johnson speak out against Trump tariffs

Gary Cohn

Johnson represents Wisconsin, a state whose governor, Republican Scott Walker, has asked Trump to reconsider his position on tariffs if he wants to protect U.S. jobs.

"These tariffs will do just what tariffs have always done and lead to job losses and will stymie economic growth", Flake said on the Senate floor, adding: "We in Congress simply can't be complicit as this administration courts economic disaster in this fashion".

The rally was sprinkled with mentions of Saccone and the election in general, but for the most part, according to The New York Times, was "in-his-element Trump, vintage 2016: Rambling and fiery, boastful and jocular - the part of being president that he loves perhaps the most".

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan recommended that the president reconsider the tariff policy, while seeking solutions to potential ramifications. "'We are calling it tax reform" instead of a tax cut", he explained.

Europe and China lashed out against the president's tariff plan.

The tariffs will cause significant harm to industries that rely on imported steel and aluminum. Dan Simmons, president of United Steelworkers Local 1899 in Granite City, Ill., said they "will allow us to compete".

While no big name has officially stepped forward yet to say such a run is definitely in the works, one Republican senator thinks a member of the GOP should toss his or her proverbial hat in the ring in the 2020 primary.

"Their costs are going to increase, their products are going to be less competitive on global markets, and oh by the way American consumers will pay higher prices".

"As a Republican who believes in free trade, limited government, economic freedom, I couldn't be re-elected in my party right now", said Flake, he won his Senate seat in 2012 after serving six terms in the U.S. House.

In Wisconsin, which went for Trump by the narrowest of margins, Republican Gov. Scott Walker has warned that tariffs could hurt the state's canning and beer industries. Sen. "The Department of Defense assesses that its programs are able to acquire all the steel and aluminum necessary to meet national defense requirements. Thriving communities turned into ghost towns", Trump said in front of a group of workers before signing the tariff proclamations.

"We want everything to be reciprocal". "We're finally taking action to correct this long overdue problem".



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