Russian Federation test fires hypersonic missile, Kinzhal misile

Putin says he gave order to shoot down passenger plane inĀ 2014

Russia's president Vladimir Putin in a new documentary film said he gave an order to shoot down a passenger airliner in 2014 that was feared to be hijacked and headed toward the opening ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Among the technologies Putin showed off was a robotic torpedo capable of hitting a USA port city, but Mattis said that made no difference as Russian Federation already can target United States port cities with missiles.

When Putin introduced his new array of missiles during his annual address to the federal assembly of the Russian Federation, he said the weapon was capable of flying at 10 times the speed of sound and can overcome air-defense systems.

During an interview with American news channels NBC News, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he doesn't care that people are alleging that Russia interfered with the last United States Presidential election because he knows that his government was not involved.

According to the defence ministry, the missile was launched from a MiG-31 jet that took off from an airfield in south-west Russian Federation on Saturday. The video appears to show a military jet carrying a missile.

The new missile is now undergoing tests and the pilots involved are getting a grip of the cutting-edge munition during their routine service, Col. Valery Antsibor, Deputy Commander of Russia's main test-piloting center, said.

"The hypersonic missile confirmed its technical operational performance and timing data of the Kinzhal missile system", the statement added.

The missile has been deployed in the Southern Military District since December 1.

The passenger on the plane was drunk and had caused the alarm unnecessarily.

Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White downplayed Putin's comments, saying the US military was capable of defending the country from any threats.

During the film Mr Putin was asked by interviewer Mr Kondrashov - a top state TV presenter and now Mr Putin's election campaign press secretary - if there were any circumstances in which he could envisage returning Crimea to Ukraine.

"It is extraordinary and confounding how little your administration is doing to counter Putin's campaign to undermine our grand democracy", they said.

The two-hour documentary, released online on Sunday a week ahead of an election Putin is expected to win in a landslide, presents an overwhelmingly positive picture of the president.

"I told them: act according to the plan", Mr Putin says. Russian officials said the missile - named after a type of dagger - successfully hit the assigned target, the BBC reports.

"At the end of the day, they can sink all that money in; it does not change my strategic calculation", he said.



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