Richard Sherman incentives 'too rich for Detroit's blood'

This interception by Sherman against the San Francisco 49ers led him to his first ever Super Bowl appearance | Source

That may also have been something the Seahawks wanted to avoid, undoubtedly preferring to negotiate their own longer-term deal with Sherman than merely matching what he had agreed to with the 49ers. King's piece, involving exclusive angles from both sides, revealed some juicy tidbits.

After missing out on Richard Sherman, the Detroit Lions are interested in another former Seattle cornerback. Furthermore, a player being able to make "up to" whatever ungodly number, but never actually reaching said numerical goal, is more common than not.

When that was relayed to Sherman, he paused for a second.

"I'm vengeful in that way", Sherman told Peter King of The MMQB over the weekend.

Seattle released Sherman to save itself $11 million in valuable cap space, which Sherman seemed to understand. People are out there burning my jersey.

If anyone had been following the Seahawks this offseason, Sherman's statements may not come as a surprise. The 2017 season was a hard one for the 31-year-old Cromartie, who didn't have an interception and was suspended for one game by then-coach Ben McAdoo for leaving practice without permission.

In hopes of giving you a more defined idea of what the franchise could do this offseason, I've taken an extended look at how the Seahawks could spend the eight draft picks they now own. "I didn't abandon anybody". Which means that the cornerback, who turns 30 on March 30 and is coming off Achilles' surgery, will be extra-motivated twice a year when the two teams meet and by the fact that his three-year contract with the Niners is laden with incentives.

Sherman played an integral role in the fierce NFC West rivalry between Seattle and San Francisco earlier this decade.

Sherman is mad, but he's also smart.

Off the field, Sherman was known to be outspoken, charitable and knowledgeable in the Seattle community which made him one of the well-known players in the National Football League today.

"I love the fan base to death, and I loved playing there", Sherman said according to King. It gives me the ability to control my destiny.

Making things even more painful, 49ers GM John Lynch trolled the Seahawks for their painful Super Bowl XLIX loss to the Patriots, a game that featured the Seahawks losing because they made a decision to throw from the one-yard line instead of running Marshawn Lynch. I have skin in the game. If he plays 90 percent of San Francisco's snaps and gets selected to the Pro Bowl-no sure thing, obviously, but achievable-the big numbers are waiting. I couldn't feel secure in my contract. I helped the organization get to a great place and stay there. Lynch equated the situation to being on the one-yard line.



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