Reaction to Trump's steel tariffs blurs party lines in Minnesota, Wisconsin

By David Ljunggren and Lesley Wroughton

The three countries are now in negotiations regarding the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said any US tariffs on steel and aluminum imports would be "absolutely unacceptable" and vowed to continue to engage with USA officials on the issue.

McIntosh added that for every steel job a tariff might save, the US would lose jobs in auto plants, construction and other industries that rely on steel or aluminum.

While Australian politicians on both sides of the divide remain staunch opponents to new tariffs, political pressure would mount if Australia were to be flooded by cheap steel products no longer being sent to the US.

Eisenberger and the mayor of Sault Ste Marie are talking about an alliance of steel-producing cities here and in the U.S.

Trump advisers argue that the current administration's tariffs, which are targeted only at steel and aluminum, are not the same as the protectionist Smoot Hawley provisions that raised tariffs on many products and all countries.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has joined criticism of the plan, which would impose a 25 percent tariff on steel imports and 10 percent on aluminium.

The announcement angered key United States allies - Canada, the EU, Australia, Mexico and China. Trump is justifying the tariffs in part on national security grounds. "As soon as he exempts one country his phone starts ringing from the heads of state of other countries".

US President Donald Trump's vow to step up protectionist policies to boost the US vehicle industry could lead to a 10-percent drop in profits for German automakers, Germany's Center for Automotive Research (CAR) has warned.

Trump's tariff threat comes after the U.S. Department of Commerce concluded in two reports published February 16 that imports of steel and aluminum "threaten to impair" American national security. "So all this hysteria is a lot to do about nothing", Ross said.

The president warned on the weekend he would hit back with tariffs on German automakers in the event of European Union retaliation. "Tariffs will also harm the pro-growth effects of the tax cuts, stall the economy, incite a trade war, and help hand the election to the Democrats". "So, while it might affect an individual producer for a little while, overall, it's not going to be much more than a rounding error". These measures could include tariffs or import quotas and can be enacted quickly. "Our jobs and wealth are being given to other countries that have taken advantage of us for years". "They will lead to the exact opposite outcome of the administration's stated objective, which is to protect American jobs". The EU will further seek to settle the dispute before the World Trade Organisation, he added.

"They make it impossible for our cars (and more) to sell there", Trump tweeted from Florida.



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