President Trump to visit San Diego next week

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"'The View" host Joy Behar on Wednesday declared White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders an "amateur liar" after declaring that President Donald Trump was "a professional liar".

Donald Trump's lawyer used Trump Organization email while negotiating a $130,000 payment of hush money to a porn actress who says she had an affair with the future president, her attorney said Friday.

Daniels, who says she was given hush money to keep a 2006 affair with Trump quiet, claims a nondisclosure pact she signed is not valid because Trump never signed it.

Trump has not publicly addressed the alleged illicit dalliance. It also precludes her from encouraging anyone else to talk about the contract. And the complaint alleges Cohen used "intimidation and coercive tactics" to force Clifford into signing a false statement denying the extramarital affair with Trump.

Under the agreement, which uses the pseudonyms "David Dennison" and "Peggy Peterson" to identify Trump and Clifford respectively, Clifford would be required to pay Trump $1 million for each breach.

Although Maher agreed with New York Times Opinion Staff Editor and Writer Bari Weiss' point that the Lewinsky scandal pushed President Clinton to impeachment, he later agreed with CNN Political Commentator Ana Navarro that Republicans won't impeach Trump over Daniels.

On Wednesday, Michael Avenatti, Clifford's attorney, responded to Sanders' comments on MSNBC'S The Last Word.

"This case has already been won in arbitration and anything beyond that I would refer you to the President's outside counsel", Sanders added.

She may need the cash for legal bills. "No, I mean, it sounds facetious, but honestly, I think this could - in a weird way - be the thing that brings him down".

"It's sort of been a double-edged sword", she said.

"If this is not the definition of chaotic, how would you describe what's happening in these recent weeks?" she was asked again.

It is unclear whether Clifford intends to return the $130,000 payment from Cohen.



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