President Buhari Visits Benue, Says Govt Deeply Concerned About Attacks

President Muhammadu Buhari and the Governor of Benue State Samuel Ortom

Buhari who reaffirmed his earlier call on Benue people to apply more restraint and learn how to leave with other people said, there is no way he will deliberately over look the security challenges that Benue is having because he has come a long way with indigenes of the state.

To show their displeasure with Buhari, the Benue people populated mostly by Tivs refused to welcome the president to their state with cheers as depicted by these pictures.

About 30 correspondents from various media organisations are in the state, but only seven handpicked media organisations were allowed to cover the President's visit.

The President also assured the people of Benue that he can not overlook the killings in Benue or any other part of Nigeria. I didn't know he moved here (Benue State) and didn't spend ... and then moved to Nasarawa. I can not do that.

"What I did was to call him and give him the directive". He said he is genuinely anxious about the attacks in Benue and doing everything to end them.

The governor denied allegations that the Benue State government was keeping and training a militia group to fight Fulani herdsmen in the Benue.

Our correspondent noted that security operatives from Abuja took over the activities at the state's seat of government.

"As a born again Christian and someone who believes in the fear of God, I can not and we have never encouraged the establishment of any militia group", he said.

Tor Tiv expressed dismay over responses of some service chiefs in the country on security issues, saying, people in such positions should be restrained in making statements that can trigger crises especially as it relates to security.

Responding, representative of the chairman of the Presidential Committee on Flood and Rehabilitation, Mr John Owoicho, commended the state government for effectively managing disasters, as he disclosed that by the Committee's rating, Benue was leading in that direction.

They also advised the president not to see Governor Ortom as an enemy who is bent on executing a law that is unfriendly to Fulani herdsmen, but as a patriotic leader who is carrying out the wishes of his people.



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