Our gender pay gap report for 2017

Channel 4

In the UK, Pearson has reported an overall median gender pay gap of 15% in 2017, and a mean gap of 21%, reports the Bookseller.

At a role-by-role level, we have nearly no gap between women's and men's pay, and this is true for every position in the organisation. "Instead, we must reduce the gap by focusing on increasing the proportion of women in higher-paid roles".

As with nearly all other law firms, White & Case argued that the gender pay gap is driven by the fact that fact that secretarial staff are "almost exclusively" female, while women are underrepresented in senior roles, an issue the firm says it has been "working to address for many years" with initiatives such as coaching, mentoring and unconscious bias training.

Channel 4 said there was no evidence of gender bias in its pay awards. In the spirit of the government's regulations, we've now included total earnings of partners and staff to give the most rounded picture of our firm's gender and BAME pay gaps'.

Law firms are not required to include partners in their gender pay gap reporting, but Reed Smith said that it had decided it was important to look into the pay gap at partner level as "the firm's commitment to gender equality applies to all levels of seniority within the firm".

A review of around 300 employees' pay by external counsel, commissioned by Channel 4, found no evidence of a systematic equal pay problem at the broadcaster.

Channel 4 chief executive Alex Mahon has said the gap is "unacceptable" and is aiming to have a split of 50 men, 50 women in the 100 top jobs at the broadcaster by 2023.

59% of Channel 4 employees are female and "we have a low employee turnover rate", the broadcaster said.

The median pay gap in the United Kingdom is 18.4%. This is because to reduce the gender pay gap to zero we would need to achieve gender parity in our lower two quartiles, which are now predominantly female (65 per cent).



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