Nest's video doorbell and smart lock are on sale now

Nest Hello video doorbell and Nest-Yale smart lock now available

For those unaware, the Nest Hello is Google's smart doorbell offering, and joins the ever-growing smart home market alongside other similar products like the Ring Doorbell and August Doorbell. Instead, you enter a code to unlock the door and homeowners can control who has access from an app on their phone. With Nest Hello, users can see who's at the door and allow them in the door with the Nest x Yale lock.

These smart heating systems use internet-connected radiator valves to set the temperature in your home on a room-by-room basis.

First announced last fall, the Nest Hello smart doorbell is now available to buy at various retailers and at Nest's website. Prior to that, Amazon also purchased Blink, a smart camera and video doorbell company.

The Nest Hello video doorbell lights up when someone comes near. It's capable of detecting a visitor and will alert you before they even ring the doorbell. If you've lived anywhere, you know that not all rooms feel the same, temperature wise.

The Nest x Yale Lock doesn't sport a fancy camera or speaker like the Nest Hello, but does have a keypad so you can still get inside your home if you lose or forget your keys.

Nest's external temperature sensors will be available in April for $39 each, or $99 for a pack of three.

Now, you can place a sensor in a room separate from the thermostat and let the Nest adjust based on the temperature in that room. Multi-level homes, or homes leaking heat or A/C through poorly insulated doors and windows, might find a remote temperature sensor particularly useful.

Meanwhile Nest, even with the new sensors, can at best make sure it gets the heating right in a single location at a time. This one runs $249 for the lock alone, or $279 bundled with Nest Connect, which you'll need if you plan on using it with the Nest app.



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