Microsoft promises 'biggest E3 showing ever' for 2018

Microsoft promises 'biggest E3 showing ever' for 2018

I went months without even turning on my Xbox One previous year as it gathered dust while I chipped away at Zelda, Mario, Persona 5 and Horizon Zero Dawn. And yet that is exactly what it is promising: E3 2018 will be Microsoft's "biggest showing ever", the firm claims.

May will then bring a new avatar store filled with props and clothing to personalise your character further (and spend money on). With its new avatars, Microsoft is also making an effort on the diversity front, with the feature's trailer showing off an amputee and an avatar in a wheelchair. Microsoft's Xbox employees already have access to the new avatar system, and the Xbox Alpha group of testers will get access first before they're broadly available next month.

Xbox has moved its avatars to the Unity game engine for easier development.

The Microsoft Theater will play host to Xbox's various official E3 2018 events, including the platform-holder's Media Briefing on 10th June at 1pm PT and Xbox FanFest activities, hands-on gameplay and demos for all E3 attendees.

Furthermore, the Microsoft Theater will allow the company to centralize the Xbox presence at E3, and its size enables the company to include "even more fans" and "partners" in the Xbox E3 2018 Briefing than ever before.

As of now, there's no telling what kind of surprises Microsoft has up its sleeves in terms of major reveals at E3 2018, as this will be the company's time to shine with gaming fans both in Los Angeles and those tuning in around the world. By most accounts, it wasn't an entirely smooth transition, but it appears to have given Microsoft an idea for E3 2018.

Kudos to Microsoft for providing more space for Xbox fans to enjoy upcoming games, and giving Mixer some stronger presence, but this could be interesting leading into future shows.



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