Microsoft Plans Its First Cloud-Data Centres in Middle East

Microsoft Plans Its First Cloud-Data Centres in Middle East

Besides other exciting news, we just announced to open a Swiss region with two data centers in the Cantons Geneva and Zurich.

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) will open its first data centers in the Middle East next year. In addition, Microsoft Cloud services in France have reached general availability with Microsoft Office 365 today, and Dynamics 365 will follow in early 2019.

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It also works with technology partners throughout the Middle East and Africa to support more than 4,000 start-ups, and integrating its Abu Dhabi and Dubai data centres with its global cloud infrastructure will connect regional businesses with global opportunities, said Hashish.

"Many customers with particularly sensitive needs, for example in the public sector, prefer our German cloud offering". "In areas like digital transformation, and the development of new intelligent services, our ambition is for the Microsoft Cloud to form a strategic part of the backbone for regional economic development". "WANdisco Fusion enables continuous data replication for Microsoft Azure and HDInsight customers who also want to maintain on-premise consistency at scale".

In contrast to the Microsoft Cloud Deutschland, the company's two new cloud computing centres reportedly will be part of Microsoft's global cloud network, in an effort to target more worldwide companies, said WiWo.

Microsoft's cloud expansion has been full-steam ahead for several years with the company having 38 regions online with 12 additional regions announced. The two products are the only productivity and business application platforms that can offer in-geo data residency across such a broad set of locations.



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