Manufacturers can now create custom Google Assistant commands

Manufacturers can now create custom Google Assistant commands

Google will allow developers of Actions to plug into digital purchases including paid app purchases, in-app purchases, in-app subscriptions and the likes.

Google the tech giant is rolling out new features for its AI assistant which is said to give users more control over the connected devices.

Beginning today, manufacturers can use these Custom Device Actions to create custom Google Assistant commands that are specific for their hardware.

The Google Assistant is available across all kinds of devices-from speakers to phones, TVs and more.

Days after Google announced the rollout of Actions on Google Assistant in seven new languages, including Hindi, it has brought another update with more new features.

Improved media playback: A user will now be able to access and control additional playback content like a clip from a TV show etc. This will allow you to subscribe to certain items on your phone, and when there's a change in a stock you're following or breaking news story, the Assistant will read the update aloud to you. But before you get around to saying that, you'd have to also tell the assistant, "Talk to Todoist".

Ever since its inception previous year, Google has been adding a ton of new features to the Google Assistant. Developers of Actions do need to add this feature, so not all of them will work out of the gate. For example, you can tell Assistant you want a daily update on cryptocurrency prices from SpeedyBit. On your phone, audio from Actions will produce a media notification you can use to manage playback as well. They will be able to turn off the display and still continue listening to the audio. Esquire and Forbes are some of the websites that have added the new functionality.

Developers can take advantage of most of these features right now.

Google is also adding in updated payment options for developers to tie into, with Assistant able to recognise that you have a paid for subscription in say Google Play and tie that to a command given in Assistant.

Google has opened up a "Fun House" in Austin, Texas for South by Southwest where they're presumably showing off all these cool new features, so if you're in the area head over and check them out. Enter your email to be subscribed to our newsletter.



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