Jim Bowen: Bullseye presenter dies aged 80

Jim Bowen presenter of Bullseye has died age 80

Jim Bowen, the presenter and comedian best known for the 80s and 90s darts-based game show "Bullseye" has died aged 80, his wife Phyllis said.

When the show finished in July 1995, Bowen turned his hand to radio, presenting a morning programme on BBC Radio Lancashire from 1999 to 2003.

Family friend John Pleus, said, "He passed away very peacefully".

"Bullseye" featured three pairs of contestants - with one team member answering questions and the other playing darts - going up against one another win big prizes such as speedboats, caravans, luxury holidays and cars, to smaller gifts such as darts or tankards.

Bowen became Bullseye host after appearing on ITV show The Comedians, alongside the likes of Frank Carson, Russ Abbott and Bernard Manning.

As well as Bullseye, Bowen also had a number of TV acting roles, including in Last Of The Summer Wine, Muck And Brass, Jonathan Creek, The Grimleys, and the second series of Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights.

His "super, smashing, great" and 'now look what you could have won...' catchphrases helped turn him into a cult figure. "He was a very lovely, genuine man".

Mr Clayton said the show's producer had contacted him in the 1970s on the day Mr Bowen was travelling to Norwich to perform. "He left them in ruins with laughter", he told Radio Lancashire a year ago.

'I've got £100 here and it'll take me two minutes to count out'.

Bowen died just two days after Dodd.

Bowen had previously suffered two strokes, saying in 2011 that he had learned to "appreciate all the things in life", according to the BBC. He also hosted a mid-morning show on 106.6 Indigo FM in Cumbria in 2009. "We are all shedding a tear", he said.



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