James Harden Crossover Breaks Wesley Johnson's Ankles

James Harden made the most disrespectful play in NBA history — and we can’t stop watchingMore

During the second quarter of the Rockets-Clippers matchup, Harden crossed over Johnson causing him to fall over.

But if you're Harden, every once in a while, you pause, stare down your man, wait for him to get back up and then drain a three-pointer. Harden had the ball and Johnson was defending.

But after James Harden's crossover put Wesley Johnson on the hardwood on Wednesday night, everyone has completely forgotten about that.

With Golden State signing Kevin Durant to help them beat Cleveland their third time around, the Cavaliers want a chance to even up the series before LeBron James possibly leaves town [VIDEO] at the end of the season.

He surprised and greeted hundreds of eager students, playfully shot around with them on an outdoor court amid drizzling rain, and gave each student present a pair of his Adidas Harden Vol. 2 sneakers. A lot of teams come in the playoffs and all that one on one stuff James do, they take that completely away. The last time the Celtics and Rockets met, in December, Smart finished off a zany 26-point comeback by taking two charges on the MVP candidate over the final 7.3 seconds. "And I'm not paying for it, Houston is going to pay for it.".

"I don't know what you're talking about", Paul said, tongue-in-cheek, as he snapped a pic of the mock crime scene between fielding questions. That's the best one on one play in the game. For all its memorable staredowns, rarely does an National Basketball Association player have the opportunity to gut his opponent with a look as a play is still in progress.

The Rockets won the battle, but the Clippers may have won the war. Then he nailed a 3-pointer. "We need to go out there and execute and just try to keep our streak alive". "So I think that's the way the game is supposed to be played and that's the way I play it". The win however, won't be remembered for being the 14th straight win by the Rockets.



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