Insults Oprah Winfrey in Campaign Rally

GETTYDonald Trump also revealed his new campaign slogan will be “Keep America Great!”

She also revealed the fact that the race of presidency is not meant for her. "O responded", I wouldn't only speak if I felt I could be heard".

He said this while speaking at a rally for Rick Saccone, a congressman, in Pennsylvania. However, she has since said she hasn't heard from God on the issue.

"I would love Oprah to win [the Democratic party primary election]", Trump said, adding that: "I would love to beat Oprah".

It was her powerful speech at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards that prompted social media users to compare her with the president and call on her to run for the office. "I would love it".

"Hope Oprah runs so she can be exposed and defeated just like all of the others!" he wrote in February. "That would be a painful experience for her".

"Donald being Donald at the time, I think it was just a name", she says. She has previously denied she's considering a campaign, but those close to her have encouraged her to run.

A CNN poll from January showed Winfrey ahead of Trump by 9 points in a hypothetical 2020 Matchup.

Winfrey on Sunday did not address speculation about a presidential run directly, but lamented the tendency for politicians to focus on negativity. "Do not give your energy to the other side, do not spend your time talking about your opponents".

They may not seem like the best of mates, but Maori Television asked Oprah Winfrey about the time Donald Trump once said he wanted the talk show queen to be his vice-president. "Do not spend an ounce of your time on that". She continued, "Do not give you energy to that which you don't believe in".



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