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Fortnite Will Fix Environment Pop In with Future Patch

If you've received a Fortnite Mobile invite but haven't received any friend invites, those will be coming in a separate email, so keep an eye out for them in the upcoming day. We aren't sure if this is an error on Apple's part or if Fortnite is considering making the game compatible with older devices at a later time.

If you haven't played before, you will have to create an account to join the fortnite For iOS waitlist.

Fortnite Mobile is finally here, if you're lucky enough to have snagged an invite from Epic Games. The latest version of that software is iOS 11.3.

On March 16th Fortnite announced that users who already had access to the game could now invite their friends via a special invitation feature that was enabled in the game. This site is where you'll provide the necessary information to inform the developer that you're interested in signing up to download the game on Android - hopefully cinching you one of the first spots once the release comes around.

At the Lobby Screen, tap the Friend Invite Button. You will also be asked to pick which device you will be primarily be playing from being before added to the list. Fornite aims to bring same last player standing victory game to the mobile devices, dropping 100 players from the battle bus into an island, the only one who kills and survives until he is the last one standing wins, bringing the same game experience which everyone enjoyed on PC and console.

Once you've selected that you're a player, you'll be instructed to put in your credentials for the account on which you now play. If you do play already, they will link to your current account for progress and purchases. Those invites are hardly exclusive though; even though the game has begun its launch process, interested parties can still submit their name and email address for eventual invite consideration on Epic's website.



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