How does Pennsylvania's special election apply to Virginia?

Message for Republicans? 'The House is on fire'

Lamb's showing against Republican Rick Saccone - Lamb led by 641 votes with nearly all of the votes counted - broadened the Democrats' opportunities in this fall's midterm elections. During Lamb's campaign, Republicans ran attack this ad tying the novice politician to Pelosi.

The southwestern Pennsylvania congressional district, a traditional GOP bastion that includes the affluent south suburbs of Pittsburgh and rural towns in former coal country, became vacant late past year, when former Rep. Tim Murphy (R-Pa.) resigned after pressuring a woman with whom he had an affair to get an abortion. That he appears to have won speaks to how even seemingly safe Republicans need to know they can lose in an environment like this one. A sense of momentum may help in recruiting top-tier candidates in competitive races and will certainly help the party's fundraising. "The Democratic over-performance, especially in a heavily Republican District that Mr Trump won by 20 points adds to the sense that Democrats are highly energized - especially following surprising performances in recent months in Alabama and Virginia", Shibley Telhami, director of the "critical issues poll" at the University of Maryland, told The National.

Former Rep. Tim Murphy (R) vacated the seat in October. But no matter the ultimate outcome, the contest is an ominous sign for Republicans heading into the midterm elections.

On the flip side, Saccone spent the final days of his flailing campaign aligning himself with the president, at one point indicating that he'd like to be his "wingman". Here's the thing about this particular election; Rick Saccone, the Republican candidate, was favored to win. "I just don't think you're going to see that across the country" in November.

York County Democratic Party chairman Jim Thompson said his party was energized before the Pennsylvania victory.

The patchwork of small towns, farms and Pittsburgh suburbs that make up Pennsylvania's 18th congressional district is so Republican that Democrats did not even field candidates in the previous two U.S. House elections. In addition, Cook's Partisan Voter Index lists 17 open seats as more competitive than the Pennsylvania race.

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With absentee ballots counted, Democrat Conor Lamb holds a 627-vote lead over Republican Rick Saccone out of more than 228,000 cast. Now, "a half-dozen Democratic House members and candidates" tell Politico they're considering doing the same.

Despite Republicans outspending Democrats 3 to 1, and Mr Trump and his daughter Ivanka, and other cabinet officials showing up repeatedly in the district to campaign for Mr Saccone, they failed to galvanize enough support and save the seat. Lamb cut a conservative Democratic figure and distanced himself from Pelosi.

Lamb is pro-gun rights, but in favor of universal background checks. He ran against most of the Republican economic agenda, including the recently enacted corporate tax cuts and the reforms to Social Security and Medicare that Ryan has long advocated. If they don't, they might face candidates swooping in and picking up significant votes for third parties.



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