Hillary Clinton takes her 'deplorables' argument for another spin

Alex Wong  Getty Images

Hillary Clinton took her worldwide excuses tour to a new low over the weekend; telling a packed audience at a conference in India that "white women" overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump simply because their husbands forced them to.

She also addressed her failed 2016 presidential campaign, saying that if "people were looking for a reality TV campaign, maybe I should have given them more entertainment".

Then she turned to Trump's voters: "And his whole campaign - "Make America Great Again" - was looking backward".

This isn't the first time she's insulted Trump supporters, in 2016, she called her opponents supporters "deplorables", a comment that has dogged her since.

Clinton then told a story from the second debate between her and Trump, a town hall-style debate.

"No, we didn't deserve that", Clinton said.

Clinton suggested that the portion of the USA she won represents portions of the country that are thriving economically. "You don't like seeing that Indian American succeeding more than you".

Clinton said there is "the phenomenon of disappointment" about economic outcomes, particularly after the 2008 financial crisis, one of three main areas where she said she sees Americans' fears play out.

Talking about the alleged Russian interference in the US election and the campaign against her, Hillary Clinton said that as a US Secretary of State in 2011, she had said that people of Russia deserved free and fair elections.

Clinton has frequently talked about the election results and Trump's presidency in speeches after the election. By 2020, I don't think there is any way she will be able to do it.



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