Google Assistant multi-step routines are now live in the US

Krales  The Verge

We all forget something at some point, which is why the ability to set reminders on our smartphone is quintessential.

The Google Home app will include six customizable phrases by default: "good morning, ' 'bedtime, ' 'leaving home, ' 'I'm home, ' 'commuting to work" and 'commuting home.' In addition to these commands, users can also add their own words or phrases, allowing for the customization of multiple smart home devices. An example would be, "Hey Google, remind me to pick up milk when I'm at the store". All you have to do is tell Google Assistant that you want to be reminded of something when you are at a certain location.

Before users could only set location-based reminders through their phones.

You will be able to set up multiple actions with just one trigger phrase through Routines.

These routines will also change depending on who's talking to the Google Home, so if you have loaded your profile it will give calendar alerts specific to your account. You can't, in our testing today, say that you need to collect clothes from a named dry cleaners, for instance.

You can specify a particular location or something more general. For example, you could ask your Google Home to "Remind me to buy paper towels when I get to the grocery store", and it should pop up that notification on your smartphone when you get there. Saying "Ok Google, remind me to check tire pressure at the gas station", by example, wasn't understood in terms of the gas station being a location. The feature is available only in the U.S. for now and will be rolled out across other markets eventually.



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