Google Assistant For iPad Out Now

Google Assistant for iPad cranks up Siri’s competition

It can do everything that Assistant is already capable of doing on the iPhone.

Google Assistant has been out for some time now on Android and was welcomed to the iPhone past year. Starting today, iPad users will be able to use Google's personal digital assistant. This aligns with rumors that Apple is preparing an iPad Pro model with no Home button, similar to the iPhone X, which would allow for a slightly bigger screen in the same size device.

Need a few examples of things you can do with Google Assistant on your iPad?

There's also rumors that Apple will unveil a new version of its affordable iPad. The Google Assistant iPad app is a tablet-specific version with support for a larger screen, as well as support for portrait and landscape mode. Not much, as Google obviously wants to keep the Assistant experience as similar as possible across both platforms. For instance, Amazon has just announced its Alexa app for tablets, including iPad. You can make quick voice calls, send text messages and email, set reminders, schedule your calendar and so on. Google Assistant for iPad is launching today, and it's available in a handful of different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), and Spanish. Microsoft released an iPad-optimized version of Cortana last month, after Amazon's Alexa ranked third overall in iPad App Store downloads during the 2017 holiday season.



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