Game of Thrones stars 'in tears' over ending

Game of Thrones Season 7 Kit Harrington

Still, the question remains just what exactly the cash-strapped network will do with potential spin-offs after the original series ends.

"[The table read] was a really powerful moment in our lives and our careers".

It should come as no surprise that some of the main characters in Game of Thrones are doomed to die in the show's final season.

"$50 million [per season] would never fly for what we are trying to do", Orsi explained.

Orsi, who has held her vice president post at HBO since 2016, appeared on a panel titled "The Best of HBO", alongside HBO president Casey Bloys and fellow co-head of drama David Levine.

"None of the cast had received the scripts prior, and one by one they started to fall down to their deaths", she said, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

She added that everyone stood for over 15 minutes and applauded-"It was awesome". With Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman fronting the drama, the stars were able to negotiate even more money for the second season. HBO first announced its partnership with four writers on four different spinoffs last May.

As HBO's Game of Thrones prepares to wrap up its historic eight-year run, the network is looking to continue telling more stories set in Westeros, with multiple spinoffs already in development. But Orsi said HBO is still the preferred choice for prestige offerings when compared to Amazon, Netflix, and other new competitors.

She added: "It feels like corporate malfeasance to not continue [Game of Thrones]".

"As a show goes on, they get more expensive, and as shows get more ambitious they will get more expensive".

Game of Thrones fans are steeling themselves for heartbreak next year after HBO boss Francesca Orsi revealed that the cast were in tears when they read the script for the fantasy phenomenon's 2019 finale.



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