DUP warn against 'aggressive interference in UK' by EU

European Council President Donald Tusk says both sides will suffer economically after Brexit More

The EU is seeking to be exempted from planned US import duties of 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminum, but says Washington has not made clear how the exemption process works.

Speaking in the European Parliament in Strasbourg Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, warned that the "utmost clarity" as needed from Britain, especially on the issue of the Irish border.

European Parliament Coordinator for Brexit Guy Verhofstadt added: "In order to break the deadlock we now face, I believe it is important that the UK Government now seriously considers engaging with the European Parliament's proposal for an association agreement, as catered for by Article 217 of the EU Treaty".

Best For Britain says that effectively amounts to a transfer of powers to Brussels which - under the 2011 European Union Act - would trigger a referendum.

"If you decide to jettison, leave behind, the common agreements and rules, then you have to accept that things can not remain as they are".

The EU last week snubbed British Prime Minister Theresa May's calls for a special post-Brexit deal by offering London just a free-trade agreement with no special treatment for Britain's mighty financial sector.

Recognising the "very particular challenges" that Brexit brings for both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, May says that a hard border must be avoided and that "physical infrastructure at the border, or any related checks and controls, have been ruled out", whilst also rejecting the idea of creating a customs and regulatory border between the island of Ireland and the Great Britain (i.e., the Irish Sea), since breaking up the UK's own common market is unacceptable.

Mr Juncker was heckled from the UKIP benches whose MEPs said it is not a European issue, but a British issue.

"Even though in the last fourteen months there has been a succession of speeches outlining the United Kingdom view on the future of our relations, we still need more concrete and more operational proposals", said Monika Panayotova on Tuesday, representing the Bulgarian presidency of the Council of the EU.

Last December the Bank of England proposed allowing European Union banks in Britain to continue as branches in London after Brexit on condition of some form of reciprocity from Brussels to avoid lenders having to find extra capital to become fully fledged subsidiaries.

"So please Mrs May at this summit next week, do what Trump has done, stand strong against the European Commission, against the unelected bullies", he said.

But Conservative MEP David Campbell Bannerman urged colleagues not to be so negative about Brexit.

"The SDLP knows that the only solution that will stop a hard Brexit and a hard border is for full alignment with the single market and the customs union".

"We have a £75m deficit with the European Union of your goods and we employ 1.5m Germans through cars, etc - and the City of London is very important to funding European Union businesses".



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