Divvy stations added to Apple Maps, a bike-sharing data app

Divvy stations added to Apple Maps, a bike-sharing data app

Apple Maps helps you to find the nearest bike-sharing station by typing "bike sharing" in the search bar or the name of the service.

However, Apple Maps' new feature will shine when any bikers travel a new town and want to explore on a human-powered pair of wheels. This way, Apple only has to integrate one data model to support hundreds of bike-sharing services. These are the first two Canadian cities to get the feature in Apple Maps. All you need to do is simply type in "bike sharing" in the search bar of Apple Maps, or simply the name of the service, and it will show you the locations on the map.

Once again, Apple chose to integrate an existing data set instead of putting together this data in-house.

Ito World has worked with many companies and has licensed as well as normalized bike-sharing data.

However, there is no integration with dockless bike-sharing services, like Jump, Mobike and Ofo, at the moment. As the name of the service is different in each city, you often end up on Google looking for local bike-sharing services.

Apple Maps will now tell users whether they can expect to find bikes available at a certain address or intersection. It supports Citi Bike in New York City, Ford GoBike in San Francisco, BIKETOWN in Portland, BIXI in Montreal, Santander Cycles in London, CityCycle in Brisbane, bicing in Barcelona, as well as nextbike in Germany, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom and many others. The Apple and Ito World partnership is simply a strive by the former to stay relevant to Google Maps. The app now also supports airport and mall maps etc.



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