Bill Hader & Fred Armisen Reunite on 'SNL' Cold Open

Bill Hader & Fred Armisen Reunite on 'SNL' Cold Open

He is publicizing his new HBO series "Barry", which is premiering March 25.

Hader looked back fondly on what may have been his worst sketch idea: "We're baristas, but we're babies". Hader broke character about two minutes in, struggling to contain his laughter.

For those who don't know: Ed Hardy-clad "City Correspondent" Stefon is an New York City-based event planner that Weekend Update occasionally brings on to tell tourists how they can celebrate an upcoming holiday. Without Meyers, Stefon wouldn't have his signature gesture.

In the wake of a particularly rough week for the Trump administration, this week's episode opened with Anderson Cooper (played by Alex Moffat) prefacing the firing of Rex Tillerson.

But Keenan Thompson stole the show as O.J. Simpson.

The band members of Canadian indie band Arcade Fire, who were tonight's musical guest, also appeared in the sketch, all saying "sorry" in exaggerated accents. Finally, in the third SNL promo for this week, Bill Hader is joined by musical guest Arcade Fire....or is it "The" Arcade Fire?

Hader, the former SNL cast member who hosted Saturday's episode, reprised his impression of Anthony Scaramucci, the former White House communications director who was sacked just 10 days into his role last summer.



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