Barack Obama shares his picks for the men's and women's NCAA tournament

Barack Obama shares his picks for the men's and women's NCAA tournament

It's no secret that Barack Obama is a big basketball fan.

Former President Barack Obama shared a photo of his 2018 NCAA tournament brackets on Wednesday, revealing he selected Michigan State and CT as his men's and women's champions, respectively. He also picked UConn a year ago to win the women's bracket.

Obama also dropped his bracket for the women's NCAA Tournament as well.

Obama has Michigan State winning it all with Virginia, North Carolina and Villanova as the other three teams in the Final Four for the men's tournament.

He's picked some upsets in there as well with Loyola-Chicago (11) over Miami (6) in addition to Texas (10) over Nevada (7).

Obama has chosen the men's champion correctly twice since Barack-etology first launched in 2009, with picking the UNC Tar Heels as eventual winners in 2009 and 2017. That one, however, was his correct national title pick: North Carolina. The Huskies had their 111-game winning streak snapped by Mississippi State in last year's Final Four.

In turn, the people did their part and dissected almost every single pick made by Obama.

Always a strong proponent for gender equality, Obama also filled out a women's bracket, predicting that the UConn Huskies will beat out Mississippi State. There has been no indication he will this year, either, though a recent poll shows 38 percent of Americans would like him to do so.



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