Android Wear rebranding underway it seems, get ready for Wear OS

Android Wear rebranding underway it seems, get ready for Wear OS

The Android Wear devices and the operating system has not been getting a lot of love from the company but it seems that Android Wear is going to get a new face and branding as there are hints that Google will be rebranding the OS.

Apart from the new name and logo, little else is known about the new Wear OS at present. The design is based around a "W" character decorated with the Google colours. However, it appears that Google might be about to give its Android Wear platform a makeover, thereby reigniting interest in the sector.

The LG Watch Style - one of the first devices to feature Android Wear 2.0. While Google hasn't formally explained anything yet, there are several reasons why it could be making the change. Although smartwatches saw a period of growth past year, it doesn't look like many device makers are that eager to create new Android Wear smartwatches. While initially popular, the operating system hardly ranks in the current charts of top smartwatch manufacturers.

Android Wear is in a peculiar position. It remains unclear whether Google will go forth with the changes, but it makes sense to see changes like this since Android Wear hasn't performed as well as Google has hoped in recent memory. By switching to Wear OS, Google can clarify the compatibility of Wear devices while giving the platform a second chance. Not too long ago, companies were falling over each other in the rush to release to new wearables, but their numbers have diminished recently.

It also looks from the new logo like there will be a keen steer toward Google Assistant as the centerpiece feature.



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