Amazon's Alexa randomly laughs at users and nobody knows why

Amazon's Alexa randomly laughs at users and nobody knows why

United States media reports said Amazon, the biggest online retail store, is investigating complaints about "Alexa", its smart personal assistant, following reports saying it starts laughing randomly. "After the third request, Alexa stopped responding and instead did an evil laugh".

By Wednesday, Amazon had gotten to the bottom of the mystery. Others have said that Alexa has laughed after being asked to turn on the lights - and may have misheard the command.

The first reports of the laughter began to surface over the weekend. "In rare circumstances, the voice assistant can mistakenly hear the phrase 'Alexa, laugh, ' which under its normal programming would trigger it to chuckle".

Amazon has changed the phrase necessary to make Alexa laugh to, "Alexa, can you laugh?", which should be less likely to generate false positives.

The original programmed prompt will also be disabled so there shouldn't be any more accidental laughing sessions emerging from your digital device. She simply just laughed.

Said another Twitter user, @taylorkatelynne: "so my mom & I are just sitting in the living room, neither of us said a word & our Alexa lit up and laughed for no reason. she didn't even say anything, just laughed. we unplugged her".

The report says that Alexa will only respond if it is "confident" that you're asking another question and that it's not just background noise.

Lying in bed about to fall asleep when Alexa on my Amazon Echo Dot lets out a very loud and creepy laugh... there's a good chance I get murdered tonight.

Juniper Research estimates that 55 per cent of American households will have one within the next four years.



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