After pension bill advances, teachers plan 'walk-in' protests

After that point they have two more days to pass bills or try and override any vetoes.

"The biggest issue though, quite frankly, was just the philosophical difference", he said, referring to the House's plan to use revenue diversions and the Senate's plan to use cuts and the main savings account.

The $54.5 million in funding is a slight increase from an original Senate proposal of $53 million. So with Senate Bill 224, Head hopes to make it easier for mental health clinicians serving families to obtain a license.

The bill passed the Senate but has hit a snag in the House, where lawmakers seek the addition of a technical amendment to clarify the scope of a provision in the bill. The House members who voted against it Wednesday were Rep. Joseph Abruzzo, D-Boynton Beach; Rep. Ramon Alexander, D-Tallahassee; Rep. Lori Berman, D-Lantana; Rep. Al Jacquet, D-Lantana; Rep. Bobby Olszewski, R-Winter Garden; Rep. David Richardson, D-Miami Beach; Rep. Emily Slosberg, D-Boca Raton; Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith, D-Orlando; and Rep. Cynthia Stafford, D-Miami.

"I would have to", said Su Sheridan, an art teacher at Elkhorn Middle School who is nearing retirement after a 33-year career. "And if the idea is to burn the (rainy day account) up so we don't have to make a decision, then so be it".

"We have a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment", Negron said. But both plan to run for open congressional seats this year.

The sexual harassment bill was a guaranteed flash point between to the two chambers.

Alkermes, the manufacturer of Vivitrol, spent more than $156,000 on campaign contributions in Florida during 2016 and directed $50,000 to Senate President Joe Negron and political committees he controlled. But because the language existed in the budget bills, lawmakers would have to meet and negotiate.

As amended, the bill would earmark $991,000 for improvements to the database, known as the prescription drug monitoring program, so that it can interface with physicians' offices and electronic health records used by doctors.

But in the end, the Senate chose not to take up the House version at all. "People above my pay grade are going to negotiate that".

WV Gazette Mail reported that House quickly advanced a coal mining bill without much debate. "Your school boards are your biggest employers in nearly every small county", said Jones.

Late action in the Senate seemed to support that theory.

When the House gaveled into session at 11 a.m. Thursday, Gillam had apparently agreed to take a new tack.

But Stivers said afterward that Bowen plans to file an amendment which is technical in nature only.

House Judiciary Chairman John Shott said lawmakers at least need to talk over changes that were made in the bill.

"After long discussions last night and today and this morning and this afternoon individuals wanted more time to consider the position that we were in", said Senate President Robert Stivers.



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