Why Lucknow University has declared Valentine's Day a holiday

Youngsters browse through cards in a gift shop ahead     of Valentine’s Day in Bangalore on Monday

"Such a directive must be condemned. the university can not bar students from entering its campus under any circumstances", a student said.

"It has been seen in the past years that some students, influenced by western culture, celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14", it said.

The university rolled out the "advisory" for 14 February under the guise of saying that the institution would remain shut for Maha Shivaratri.

In a curious decision, Lucknow University has asked students to stay away from campus on Valentine's Day or else face disciplinary action.

It further adds, "Students are directed not to wander on the campus on the holiday". The students have slammed the circular advising the students to not celebrate Valentine's Day in the university premises. It also decided not to hold any exam or extra classes on February 14.

The Chief Proctor has sent a copy of the advisory to the SHO, Hasanganj Police Station and the Lucknow University police post to ensure adequate police presence to keep students off the campus.

In response, students are up in arms. Besides, boys have been warned strictly against passing remarks or luring girls with presents. "Since we have declared a holiday, why should they hang around the campus?" asked a member of the Proctorial Board. They have asked why the college declared an holiday on Valentines day, and why can't students enter the college, since it defeats the objective of the establishment.

The university is no stranger to controversy surrounding Valentine's Day. "We don't want law and order problems", Vice-Chancellor SN Singh said.



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