White House says it 'could have done better' over Rob Porter allegations

Rob Porter, the Trump administration's White House staff secretary, has resigned from his position in the wake of accusations pertaining to domestic abuse being made from two of his ex-wives.

"I think it's fair to say that we all could have done better these last few days in dealing with this situation".

At first, Kelly praised Porter, hailing him as a "trusted professional" and a friend.

Porter, a director of staff and responsible, amongst others, for numerous documents that arrived at the office of the United States president to sign, said in a statement that he was resigning despite the "scandalous charges" against him being "false".

Porter has denied the allegations brought forth by his ex-wife, calling them "outrageous" and "simply false".

The ex-wife of former White House staff secretary Rob Porter said in an interview Thursday that she was concerned about her abusive ex's current gal pal - White House communications director Hope Hicks.

"Kelly became fully aware about these allegations yesterday", deputy White House press secretary Raj Shah told reporters at the White House on Thursday.

Last year, Trump vigorously defended Judge Roy Moore, the failed Alabama Senate candidate who was accused by several women of sexual misconduct-including one woman who said he sexually assaulted her when she was 14 years old and another who said he attempted to rape her when she was 16 years old.

Because the review was still ongoing, Shah said there had been no determination one way or another whether Porter qualified for a permanent security clearance.

Rob Porter was a squeaky-clean aide who made sure that papers landing on the president's desk were in order.

"We were arguing and he punched me in the face", Porter's first ex-wife, Colbie Holderness, told The Daily Mail.

Like all White House employees, Porter would have had to undergo an Federal Bureau of Investigation background check in order to get a security clearance.

Kelly won't grovel to save his job, Axios reported, but other administration officials say he intends to stay on because he believes his presence is necessary to ensure proper functions in the Oval Office.

Porter served in the White House starting January 20, 2017.

Though he resigned Wednesday, Porter has continued to deny the allegations. Another spoke of emotional abuse and of Porter grabbing her and pulling her from the shower.

"I have no vendetta against Rob Porter", Willoughby said.

Mr Porter rejected the allegations in a statement read by the White House press secretary on Wednesday.

President Donald Trump was not aware of the allegations until this week, according to Shah. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, Porter went to Harvard University with Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law and a senior advisor to Trump.



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