United States 'shamelessly threatening Russian Federation with atomic weapon', says Iran's Rouhani

Zarif Trump

Russia, Iran, and China have strongly criticized Washington's newly revealed policy plan to expand US nuclear weapons capabilities in order to deter other countries.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the United States' newly-announced nuclear policy brings the world "closer to annihilation".

Another top Iranian leader, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, had also reportedly raised concern that such an approach by the USA would increase the risk of "bringing humankind closer to annihilation".

The document said the United States will develop for deployment a "low-yield" nuclear warhead for submarine-launched ballistic missiles.

It says Russian Federation must be persuaded it would face "unacceptably dire costs" if it were to threaten even a limited nuclear attack in Europe.

Russia's foreign ministry said on Saturday it was very disappointed by the document, which, it said, has a confrontational feel and anti-Russian orientation.

Low-yield weapons are smaller, less powerful bombs with a strength below 20 kilotonnes.

He added that "No wonder the Doomsday Clock is at its most unsafe since 1953".

"That's why we need to start new initiatives in Europe for arms control and disarmament", Gabriel said in a statement, adding that developing new weapons sent the wrong message and risked triggering an arms race.

In 1970, the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, or NPT, was ratified, and it was extended indefinitely in 1995. Berlin does not have its own arsenal, but the Pentagon maintained nuclear warheads in Germany as part of a enormous military presence created to deter Soviet invasion of western Europe.

The issue has been rediscovered by politicians in the wake of Trump's election. Moscow on Saturday denounced the "bellicose" and "anti-Russian" nature of the new United States nuclear policy, warning it would take necessary measures to ensure its own security. "Trump's obduracy in killing the #JCPOA stems from the same unsafe imprudence", Zarif wrote, using the technical name for the nuclear deal.

Rouhani is a key figure who helped pave the way for the talks that led to the 2015 nuclear deal with several other global powers.



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