UK's Johnson Concerned At Iran's Role In Confrontation With Israel

10 2018 show Israeli solders taking positions in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights near the border with Syria

Israel said one of its F-16s crashed after it came under fire from Syria.

Nor, contra to what The Post's language implied, is Israel alone in asserting that an Iranian drone entered Israeli air space.

Israel has undertaken several intrusive missions to bomb various targets in Syria during the deadly civil war, but this is the first time that one of its warplanes has been destroyed by Syrian forces.

Sign up today for a free 30 day free trial of unlimited digital access. Hezbollah, which has sent thousands of fighters to back the troops of Syrian President Bashar al- Assad, said the developments mean "a decisive end to old arrangements".

Any such occurrence would further destabilize the region; the situation demands care and caution.

"We are witnessing an extended failure of political action by states to find a solution to this war" and "an increasing internationalisation of the conflict", Grandi said.

If Russia is siding with Syria, Israel has the unflinching support of the United States. -Gen. Ronen Manelis, said in a special statement.

Lebanon urged concerned countries to "rein in" Israel.

With pro-Iranian militias, we are talking about 7,000 to 10,000 combatants. After all, if the drone had not been over Israeli airspace, it would have been far harder for Israel to justify its actions. Some say Russian Federation should act as mediator while more sinister analyses suggest Moscow could have a lot to gain from an Iran-Israel conflict. Many watchers in the region fail to see why the Iranians would purposefully draw the Israelis into a conflict they are now making progress in, especially since the Israeli's capability to completely derail the Russian and Iranian operations in the region isn't really in question.

Also on February 10, according to the Israeli paper Haaretz, Kurdish fighters backed and armed by the USA shot down a Turkish attack helicopter. The point is, involved players seem to be ready to engage in an inter-state war, rather than pursuing their goals through local proxies.

In contrast to Washington's uncritical support for Israel's form of "self-defense" that would have had no purchase on the other side, Russian Federation was the player to step in, so far successfully, to end the conflagration and insist on respect for Syria's territorial integrity.

A former chief of Israeli military intelligence put it this way "Israel has the capability to destroy the Russian and Iranian project to save the Assad regime". It is both a strategic ally of Israel, and at the same time it enjoys some level of access or reliability from Iran.

The downing of an Israeli fighter jet this weekend by Syrian air defenses suggest yet another frontier in the conflict is opening up, risking a wider and possibly regional conflagration.

Pope Francis has named the conflict in Syria the worst humanitarian disaster after World War II. It cited unconfirmed reports of casualties among Syrian government forces and allied militiamen.

The Syrian war has taken a new turn with the downing of an Israeli fighter jet conducting airstrikes against Iranian targets. One of the pilots was severely wounded and the other suffered light injuries.

The TV broadcaster said sounds of explosions were heard Saturday in Reef Damascus province, near the capital. "The Israeli enemy has once again attacked some of our military bases in the southern area and our air defences responded and foiled the aggression", it said.

Israel called the new escalation "severe violation of Israeli sovereignty".

"In a serious military and diplomatic crisis between powerful nation-states, where the global community would in past years look to the USA for leadership, all eyes are on Moscow for direction". This turned out to be the largest Israeli attack on targets in Syria since the civil war began in 2010.

Tal Inbar, an Israeli aviation expert for the Fisher Institute, did identify the drone as a Saeqeh, which Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps first used in 2016, . The U.S. says it seeks to prevent an IS resurgence as well as to counter Iranian influence in Syria.



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