U.S. should pay for fencing on Pak-Afghan border: Khawaja Asif

The lawmakers said that the counterterrorism cooperation had been central to the US-Pakistan relationship but Islamabad did not fulfill its commitments

"During that time, Hizb Ullah was involved with shipments of IED precursor chemicals supplied from Pakistan to Afghanistan for US -designated terrorist groups, including the Taliban and Jama'at ul Dawa al-Qu'ran (JDQ)", it added in its statement.

The political administration said that two missiles were launched targeting a compound in the Gorwek area following the suspected presence of terrorists.

The discussion is taking place under the Afghanistan-Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity (APAPPS) - a joint action plan for cooperation in the key areas of counter-terrorism and reduction of violence, peace and reconciliation, refugees' repatriation and joint economic development.

The move was initiated since the U.S. is unhappy with Pakistan's approach to terrorists on home soil.

"They (Pakistan) understand what we expect..."

"It won't cost them (Americans) much", Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif told Bloomberg, without providing a specific figure.

But Senator Ben Cardin, the committee's senior Democrat, wanted to know if the decision had brought "any change" in Pakistan's behaviour.

Pakistan is accused of turning a blind eye to the activities of the group in the country since the group poses security threat to only India and Afghanistan, a charge Pakistan denies.

Asif in the Bloomberg interview also called upon the United States to extend its help for repatriation of Afghan refugees residing in Pakistan, which he said is paramount to establishing peace.

"We also encourage restraint in Pakistan's military nuclear and missile programmes, and seek continued, closer alignment of Pakistan's non-proliferation policies with our own", he said.

"The US is committed to doing our part to reduce tensions in the region in ways that address Pakistan's legitimate concerns", he said.

Pakistan has previously also asked the USA to assist in the process of returning Afghan refugees and called upon Afghanistan to focus on "border management" and fulfill its responsibility in ensuring no crossing over the porous border.

"To be clear, we oppose the use of terrorist proxies by any country against another country, anywhere in the world".

"What we believe they do have the ability to do also is to expel them from sanctuaries in their country".

The spokesman said Pakistan had taken indiscriminate action against all terrorist groups with the commitment to eradicate terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. The majority of Afghan and USA military casualties have taken place along the worldwide boundary that divides Afghanistan from Pakistan.



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