Top ANC Officials Cancel Events as Zuma Exit Talks Intensify

A rose has been named after former President Nelson Mandela

Though he avoided mentioning Zuma by name, Ramaphosa spoke several times of a "transition of power" in reference to talks on Zuma's future and said the ANC wanted to resolve issues around the "president of the country".

In a strongly worded statement the ANC in the Sarah Baartman Region says the sooner Jacob Zuma steps down from the Presidency the better, labelling his efforts to hold on to the position as "unprincipled conduct". If he refuses, the matter could go to parliament for a possible motion of no confidence or impeachment proceedings.

"The African National Congress in the Greater Johannesburg Region has noted persons who are, under the guise of being members of the ANC Joburg Region, calling for the immediate removal of President Jacob Zuma or a "National Shut Down", said regional spokesperson Jolidee Matongo. The meeting begins around 4:00 p.m. Magashule eventually leaves, and Zuma and Ramaphosa meet alone. Like the frustratingly nail-biting wait that presaged the resignation of former Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe, the South African "transition" is turning out to be similarly intriguing.

"It creates uncertainty and investors are starting to ask themselves if Ramaphosa really does have control over the ANC, and specifically the Zuma faction".

When Ramaphosa sold off his business in 2014 and returned to politics, he became one of South Africa's 20 richest people.

Zuma has shrugged off a succession of scandals during his nine-year tenure as president, but pressure has been mounting on him to quit since Cyril Ramaphosa won control of the ruling party in December.

The party lost control of key municipalities in 2016 elections.

Once Zuma is out, the book is likely to be thrown at him over the many charges of corruption levelled at him.

Zuma denied it, but only a day before he had been summoned by Zulu King Goodwill Zwelethini in Zuma's heartland of KwaZulu-Natal. If Zuma did resign, Cyril Ramaphosa would deliver the address as acting president.

Zuma is also believed to want extended protection for his large family. "There are so many people who depend on Zuma to stay in their jobs that they are putting self interest ahead of the party's".

And there is evidence that Ramaphosa's promise to clean up corruption is being fulfilled. "It is happening fast", a senior ANC member said.

"He will resign or, if he is stupid about this, he will be forced out with nothing". The ANC is Africa's most prominent liberation movement and many veterans of the long struggle against apartheid worry that the corruption allegations against Zuma are undermining its legacy.



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