Three More Reported Flu Deaths In Arkansas Raising Total To 125

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SC is seeing its eighth consecutive week of widespread flu activity, according to the state's department of health. "Their fevers tend to be a little less and they're not coming in with as many complications", Alikhan said. They are also asking those who are sick to wear a mask before entering their buildings. Through monitoring these features, scientists may be able to help prevent a flu outbreak.

"This season continues to surprise us", Haselow said. "We deal with seven or eight wholesalers and we're picking it up when we can".

His pre-existing condition weakened his immune system, making his flu diagnosis far more severe and caused him to suffer brain damage. What is unusual is the hospitalizations are greater than we've been seeing in the past several years.

"While mumps is completely different from flu, the blessing in disguise, I guess, is that we've been following the same diligent precautions for spread of disease", said Ben Domingo, director of SU Health Services.

The health department's surveillance map shows that, too.

The reported death involves a child from the Upper Peninsula. And if we wait for the next pandemic, or depend entirely on the profit motivations of the pharmaceutical industry for protection, the carnage could be unlike anything we've seen for a century.

If sick with the flu contact your health care provider early because early treatment can impact the course of the disease.

According to the CT Department of Public Health, there have been almost 3,000 positive cases of flu with 802 of them in New Haven County.

The health district will bill insurance plans for individuals who have insurance, but co-pays and deductibles will not be required.

To ensure cost isn't a factor when it comes to getting a flu shot, DHEC will waive administrative fees for a flu shot at its public health clinics.

Pascucilla said it is more important than ever that "we are able to provide residents along the shoreline as many opportunities to receive the flu vaccine".

When Ainsley Devoe's temperature registered 102 degrees on Monday morning, mom Megan Devoe decided it was time to find out whether the 7-year-old had the flu.

Wash your hands and when soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand rub. Within a short time, Devoe had her daughter started on an antiviral medication and was back home trying to convince her to rest.



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