The Evil Within 2 gets even scarier with new first-person mode

The Evil Within 2 gets even scarier with new first-person mode

The Evil Within 2 players are getting another reason to return to the game with a brand-new first-person mode, as if it weren't scary enough. "Changing to first-person is as simple as flipping a switch in the menu", informs Bethesda.

Packed as a free update that you can download right now, a new first-person mode is a good reason to perhaps revisit the horrors Evil Within 2 holds. Recently, games Outlast and Resident Evil 7 have found success with a first-person shooter setup, but Bethesda's horror game opted for a more traditional third-person view.

Check out the new trailer that has been released to show off this new mode and tell us what you think.

The Evil Within 2 is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

This is an interesting way to pull some players back to the game (or get the ones who meant to buy but never did to finally take the plunge), but maybe there are some deeper reasons for implementing this first-person mode?

Owners of the PC version of The Evil Within 2 have had unofficial access to the game's first-person mode since October, when players discovered the option was available as a console command. Some scenes just didn't work, so it jumps back and forth a bit to third-person in certain instances. What's more, you can toggle the camera at will, allowing you to experience the game from different viewpoints as you progress through the story.



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