Teenager gunman kills at least 17 in high school shooting in Florida

A shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida this week left 17 dead and sparked a round of calls for more gun control

Chad Williams, 18, a senior at Stoneman Douglas High school, remembered Cruz as a troubled classmate from middle school.

One day after suspected gunman Nikolas Cruz opened fire on students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, he sits behind bars awaiting felony charges, while 17 victims have lost their lives. "Must always report such instances to authorities, again and again!" the President posted on Twitter Thrusday morning.

The White House cancelled its daily press briefing following the news and President Donald Trump has spoken with Florida governor Rick Scott.

"No other information was included with that comment which would indicate a time location or the true identity of the person who made the comment", FBI Special Agent in Charge Robert Lasky told reporters on Thursday. "Witnesses said that the suspect set off a fire alarm before he began shooting" which led most of the school students outside the school halls while others hid inside school buildings, closets or under desks. "We can not lose another child in this country to violence in a school", Scott said at a news conference on Thursday.

Law enforcement officials said that the shooter demonstrated "very, very disturbing" behavior on social media and the Federal Bureau of Investigation was reportedly told of a comment under a YouTube account with his name about being a "professional school shooter". The images also sadly show some students being medically treated right on the sidewalk near the school by first responders.

The shooting took place when the students were being dismissed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in the city of Parkland in Broward County, just north of Miami on the state's southeastern tip.

According to Gun Violence Archive, the total number of mass shootings in 2018 has now reached 30 following the massacre in Parkland. He also said he would be visiting hospitalized survivors.

Hoffman said before Israel announced Feis' death, "He's very well dedicated to the safety of the school during the daytime".

Online, the shooting renewed calls for stricter gun control in the country. We all feel unsafe.



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