Tech workers give up a lot to live in NY


The report found that unsurprisingly, tech workers in San Francisco are paid the most, followed by other large "knowledge hubs" like Seattle, Los Angeles, and NY.

Soaring housing prices in the Bay Area mean average annual tech salaries of $142,000, the country's highest, don't compensate for the lower cost of living elsewhere.

Looking at the standard of living those dollars can buy in each city relative to San Francisco, Hired found that tech workers in Austin, Texas, do better than anyone. In Austin, the $118,000 salary can pay for a $202,000 lifestyle in San Francisco. Meanwhile, in the United States, tech salaries in San Francisco and NY rose by five per cent over the last 12 months. That puts Gotham behind every other city, including Washington, D.C.; Denver; Chicago; and San Diego.

It may come as a surprise to some that San Francisco isn't on that list, given that it is the city where tech workers are typically paid the most. But it does reinforce the idea that while many tech workers likely do want to live in a place with a lower cost of living than San Francisco, they aren't necessarily going to relocate to any city with a lower cost of living.

The survey from Hired, which analyzed over 400,000 interview requests, indicates that, on average, black tech workers are paid the least at $130,000, as much as $6,000 less than their average white counterparts.

"Black and hispanic candidates on the Hired platform set their preferred salaries lowest [at $124K]", Patel continued.

In the end, black tech workers ended up with average offers of $130,000, while whites received $136,000.

Silicon Valley may be the epicenter of the tech industry, but Austin is a more attractive location for workers eager to increase their earning power. Patel said the lesson there is universal: Everybody gets more than they ask for.



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