South Korean president Moon Jae meets North Korean delegation

Don't mention nukes South Koreans learn how to talk to the enemy

These officials said that while Pence did not greet Kim Yong Nam, he didn't deliberately skip over him.

Neither Kim Yo Jong nor Kim Yong Nam are among the North Korean officials blacklisted under United Nations sanctions over the North's weapons programs.

Hours before the two Koreas were to march under one flag at the opening ceremony of the PyeongChang Olympics, Pence met four North Korean defectors at a memorial for 46 South Korean sailors killed in a torpedo attack by the North on a corvette named Cheonan in 2010.

Choi Bok-mu, a fitness club manager at the Olympics athletes village in Gangneung, said he had not experienced any problems communicating with North Korean athletes, despite them speaking in a markedly different accent.

South Korean television is showing a smiling President Moon Jae-in entering a reception room and shaking hands with North Korean delegates, including leader Kim Jong Un's sister.

Since Pence arrived at the dinner late the seating plan was shuffled, Pence again missing an opportunity created by Moon.

The visual was important, a U.S. official said.

Ahead of the Games, which formally opened on Friday, South Korea's government distributed guidelines to organisers, listing do's and don't's when they meet North Koreans, an official at the Pyeongchang organizing committee told Reuters. While Kim Jong Yo was so close to her he never even tried to speak to her.

There are "three" languages in one team, she said, referring to English, South Korean and North Korean.

You could cut the tension with a ginsu knife as Mike Pence and his wife Karen sat observing the Winter Olympic festivities while Kim Yo Jong appeared to be every bit as bitter cold as the Pyeongchang clime they overlooked.

Analysts noted that Kim Yo Jong was shown holding a blue folder adorned with a gold seal, which she later placed in front of her on the table, leading to speculation in South Korean media that it could contain a personal letter from her brother to the South Korean President.

But North Korea's bad record on human rights and the growing threat from its nuclear weapons program appeared out of mind.

The Korean women's hockey team, the first in Olympic history to combine players from North and South, took the ice Saturday night for their debut game in front of a raucous, sellout crowd on another historic night mixing sports and politics on an worldwide stage.

The younger Kim's trip to the South marks the first time that a member of the North's ruling dynasty has visited since the Korean War, which ended in an armistice in 1953.

One Twitter user wrote: 'Why did South Korea choose to light the Olympic torch with some sort of flaming robot penis?'

North Korea has sent a delegation of 22 athletes to compete in five disciplines, with their women's ice hockey players to compete in a unified Korean team. He wants them all to win medals.

"We've been told not to talk about nukes or missiles before we came here", Choi said.



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