Sister of North Korea leader arrives in South Korea

US Vice President Mike Pence held talks with South Korean President Moon Jae-in at the Blue House in Seoul

Before the ceremony, Pence went around a table and shook hands with each and every person seated there except Kim Jong-un's sister.

Pence spoke at a memorial in Seoul that was prepared to remember 46 South Korean sailors after their ship was sunk in 2010.

"I understand what Prime Minister Abe said is not to delay South Korea-U.S. military drills until there is progress in the denuclearization of North Korea". However, "If they (the North Koreans) had approached him (in the box) he would have responded", added the official. "The vice president will remind the world that anything the North Koreans do during the Olympics is a charade to disguise the reality of the oppression inside North Korea".

DPRK parliamentary leader Kim Yong-nam heads the North Korean governmental delegation at the ceremony, which started at 20:00 hours, local time.

As for Pence's trip to South Korea, his mission was clear.

Fred Warmbier attended the opening ceremony as the vice president's guest.

In the days leading up to the Olympics, Pence warned that the North was trying to "hijack the message and imagery" of the event with a propaganda campaign, according to Reuters. Almost 50 sailors aboard the Cheonan were killed.

The top U.S. official was originally scheduled to sit at the head table with the South Korean host and North Korea's chief delegate to the Winter Games.

"They have to abandon their nuclear ambitions".

At breaks in the skating the cheerleaders sang songs of encouragement to the delight of the crowd, who gave them a rousing ovation at the end of each rendition. "He told them you've given everything and you can be proud".

North Korean and South Korean athletes participating in the 2018 Winter Olympics marched as one during Friday's opening ceremony, gleefully entering the ring as a unified team sharing a flag.

Saturday, he will also receive the sister of the North Korean leader.

Despite Pence's hardline stance and words, he has also signaled the United States is possibly open to negotiations when he said in regards to the North Korean officials, "I haven't requested any meeting". North Korean state media said Thursday there was no intention on the North Korean side for such talks to take place.



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