Sea Of Thieves Reveals PC Specs

Sea of Thieves Beta COUNTDOWN Xbox Insiders Start time date and what to expect

Sea of Thieves will be playable again this weekend! The test is created to stress the game services to find out and address any new issues that pop up, and to see if the remedies that were applied on the problems that players faced during the closed beta will hold up.

According to Rare, this second beta "is to test a lot of the work we've done since the closed beta, and to try and hit a higher concurrent players number than we've ever seen before".

The Scale Test will begin on Friday, February 16 at 10am GMT (2am PST) and end on Sunday, February 18 at 10am GMT (2am PST). Neate says that the team have been working since the beta to ensure it can cope with expected player numbers, and will be running two scale tests ahead of the game's release next month.

Xbox Insiders can also take part in the test.

Rare added that during the test, it'll be purposefully throttling performance at certain times and simulating other scenarios the network could run into at launch. While not an official "beta", players are encouraged to log in and help stress test the game's servers before launch on March 20.

Additionally, the content available will be the same as that included in the previous beta. With that in mind, if you do set sail, expect to see interrupted session, an inability to join the game, and issues with in-game shops.

By now its fairly common knowledge that Rare's upcoming multiplayer pirate title Sea of Thieves would be launching on Xbox One and Windows 10.



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