Ryan Shazier Discharged from Rehab Facility to Continue Spine Injury Recovery

Ryan Shazier injury update Steelers LB walking after regaining feeling in legs

And on Monday, Shazier confirmed what Tafoya reported, saying via Twitter that walking remains a struggle for him.

The fourth-year veteran was still a presence at the Pro Bowl last weekend, as other Steelers players honored their injured teammate with the linebacker pictured on their cleats during the game.

Shazier suffered a spinal injury in December while making a tackle against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier is engaging in a regular walking routine after regaining movement in his legs, sources tell ESPN's Adam Schefter.

Shazier was released from University of Pittsburgh Medical Center this same day.

Having Shazier out of the hospital, with feeling in his legs, and walking as part of his rehab is a great positive twist to help cap off this National Football League season.

Shazier posted social media pictures Thursday of him standing with quarterback, friends and family.

Schefter notes that the next three to six months will prove crucial in Shazier's recovery as his team begins to understand just how much function he can regain.

He underwent spinal stabilization surgery several days later at UPMC.

Shazier's father, Vernon Shazier, has mostly kept his son's health status quiet over the past two months.



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