Russian Lawmaker Calls For Revision Of IOC Charter

The Latest Russian official hopes athletes go to Olympics

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has fully upheld the appeals of 28 Russian athletes who had been banned for life from the Olympics.

When asked whether Dr Rodchenkov had ever had any dealings with athletes or support staff from other nations with the intention of doping he said he did not know.

Bach is hopeful that a final decision on whether or not to invite the Russian athletes affected by the CAS ruling will be made before the Winter Olympics get underway on Friday. Although some big Russian names didn't get through the less-than-transparent selection process to weed out those, the International Olympic Committee said, who weren't "considered clean", they will still be one of the largest contingents at the February 9-25 games.

It is likely this decision will be appealed.

Last month Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted there had been "instances of doping use in Russia", but said the issue was a global problem.

The IOC concluded the CAS decision "had not lifted the suspicion of doping" or given it "sufficient confidence" to recommend that the 13 athletes "could be considered as clean".

Among them were skeleton racers Maria Orlova, Aleksandr Tretyakov and Elena Nikitina, cross-country skiers Alexander Legkov, Evgeniy Belov, Maxim Vylegzhanin, Alexander Bessmertnykh, Natalia Matveeva and Yevgeniya Shapovalova, speed skaters Olga Fatkulina and Alexander Rumyantsev, luger Tatiana Ivanova, as well as coaches Albert Demchenko and Sergei Chudinov.

Their own prolonged investigations found that Russian Federation had been participating in a nation-backed doping program.

It is also likely that the... athletes that have been accused of doping would now appeal the bans.

Some of the bans handed down by the International Olympic Committee after a long probe of what was described as a state-sponsored doping program remain largely in effect.

It noted that CAS had yet to provide a "full reasoning" for overturning the bans and that there was some evidence about the athletes that had not been available to the Oswald Commission, which conducted the investigation into Russian doping.

The world's top sports court overturned lifetime Olympic bans on 39 Russian athletes for doping violations following the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games.

The opening ceremony is scheduled for February 9.

At least 168 Russian athletes are participating in the Games, according to the PyeongChang official website.

Following the ruling, CAS secretary general Matthieu Reeb was quoted by the Swiss national broadcaster, RTS as saying, "This does not mean that these 28 athletes are declared innocent".

The Court of Arbitration for Sport will "thoroughly examine" concerns raised by International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach over the court's decision to overturn lifetime doping bans on 28 Russian athletes.

Adams said that the IOC's invitation revue panel will examine each case before making a decision.



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