Rose McGowan Remembers Jill Messick, Wishes Family "Solace"

Sad Followers were quick to note that McGowan's first interaction on social media failed to recognize the recent suicide of her former manager who represented the starlet during the time Rose alleged Harvey Weinstein raped her

"May your family find some measure of solace during this pain", McGowan wrote.

Messick, 50, was McGowan's manager in 1997, the year McGowan told The New York Times in an article published in October that Weinstein raped her. McGowan told the Times she informed her manager about the attack shortly after it occurred. "In an email to Mr. Weinstein regarding the encounter, Jill Messick says the following, 'When we met up the following day, she hesitantly told me of her own accord that during the meeting that night before she had gotten into a hot tub with Mr. Weinstein".

Rose McGowan has broken a days-long silence to express sympathy over the suicide of her former manager, whose family has criticized the actress and activist. The bad man did this to both of us. "May you find serenity with the stars", Rose wrote on her Instagram on Saturday (February 10).

"She opted not to add to the feeding frenzy, allowing her name and her reputation to be sullied despite having done nothing wrong", the Messick family's statement said.

When McGowan was previously asked if she told anyone about her alleged assault, specifically her manager, McGowan said: "Yes, but she got a job with him for seven years right afterwards" referencing the job Messick took at Miramax as vice president for development.

Messick's family revealed the executive had suffered privately from depression and at least one manic episode, in an essay that was intensely critical of Weinstein, McGowan and the press, saying their loved one 'became collateral damage in an already horrific story'.

Rose had stuck out against Jill with what her family calls "slanderous statements" against her.

'Today she pats herself on the back for "what [she's] done for all women" and says 0 about Jill. She is survived by two children, Jackson and Ava, their father, Kevin Messick, her father, Michael, her brother, Jan, and her partner, Dan Schuck.



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