Radio host suspended for using stereotyped Asian accent

Christian Fauria suspended from WEEI for mocking agent Don Yee with fake Asian accent

"I'm gonna be Don Yee", Fauria said before starting.

Radio station WEEI says in a statement it doesn't support host Christian Fauria's "insensitive and ill-conceived attempt at humor".

The Boston sports radio station suspended host and former Patriots tight end Christian Fauria five days for his racist impersonation of Tom Brady's agent Don Yee.

Christian Fauria #88 of the New England Patriots looks on during the game against the New York Jets at Gillette Stadium on December 4, 2005 in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

On Friday, Boston Herald columnist Ron Borges was suspended after he was duped by text messages from someone impersonating Don Yee, Tom Brady's agent.

"Earlier today I made a frightful attempt at humor", Fauria wrote on Twitter.

After he reads part of the text exchange in the "over the top" accent, his co-hosts played audio of Yee himself. Fauria was took the role of Yee, who was born and raised in Sacramento, Calif., and chose to use a thick caricature of a Chinese accent. Fauria began reading the comments in a normal voice, but slipped back into his accent once because, he said, "It's more fun this way". Fauria, a former National Football League tight end is the co-host of "Ordway, Merloni and Fauria". "I want to publicly apologize to Don and anyone in the audience who heard it", Fauria wrote. I have been disciplined by WEEI management and I fully support their decision'. We regret Christian's commentary and we apologize to Mr. Yee and those offended by the segment. He's been suspended for 5 days.

The controversy is WEEI's second in as many weeks.

The host, Alex Reimer, was suspended for 15 days, three times as long as Fauria. 'I've always tried and come on and do a good job for you guys. My daughter, or any child, certainly don't deserve that'. Fauria will return a week from Monday. Using sources that turned out to be fake, Borges reported that Brady wanted a Jimmy Garoppolo-type deal and that the Patriots quarterback would hold out of OTAs if he didn't get it.



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