Putin urges Netanyahu to avoid any steps that lead to regional confrontation

Putin urges Netanyahu to avoid any steps that lead to regional confrontation

In Saturday's attacks, the Israeli jets came under heavy Syrian anti-aircraft fire and the pilots of one of the F-16s had to eject before the plane crashed in northern Israel. During the operation, the Syrian air defense launched missiles to shoot down an F-16 fighter jet of the Israeli Air Force.

The Washington Post has treated an Iranian attack against Israel with unwarranted skepticism, using the event to unfairly question the motives of the Israeli military. One of the airmen was severely injured, while the second was lightly wounded.

The Iranian-backed Lebanese militia Hezbollah, which has been fighting for the Assad regime, hailed Syria's air defenses, saying Saturday's incident marked the start of a new era.

He also claimed Israel would continue to defend itself "with determination against any attack against us and against any attempt by Iran to establish a military presence against us in Syria or anywhere else".

If Israel became more militarily involved in the conflict, what would it mean for the Syrian war - and the wider region?

"IDF [Israel Defence Forces] has targeted the Iranian control systems in Syria that sent the #UAV into Israeli airspace". Given the expanded Russian presence in the region in recent years, it is Russia that is seen as having the leverage over both countries to prevent the situation from escalating further.

Iran says its missile program is exclusively defensive in nature and is not negotiable as demanded by the United States and the Europeans. "Benjamin Netanyahu was in the opposition when the Israeli government attacked southern Lebanon and lost to Hezbollah in 2006, and he fears another escalation in which Hezbollah is substantially stronger after the experience it's gained on the Syrian battlefield", Blumenthal told RT.

The military called the drone infiltration a "severe and irregular violation of Israeli sovereignty" and said Iran would be held responsible for its outcome, marking a dramatic escalation in tensions along its northern border. Israel military said it struck Iranian targets in Syria that launched the drone.

The Soviet Union at that time supported Egypt and to avoid a recurrence, provided its ally with advanced anti-aircraft missiles, alongside crews to operate them.

"The government and army of Syria as an independent country have a legitimate right to defend (the country's) territorial integrity and counter any type of foreign aggression".

"Normally, in a moment of crisis or of potential escalation, American diplomacy coordinates very closely with Israel and is critical for containing these situations and deterring Israeli and USA enemies from acting aggressively", said Shapiro, now a visiting fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv. The stated targets included three air defense batteries and a base belonging to the Syrian army's 4th Division on the outskirts of the capital, Damascus. The Israeli Air Force described the attack as the most significant attack on Syria since 1982.

Iranian and Iran-backed Shi'ite forces, including Lebanon's Hezbollah, have deployed widely in support of Assad.

Referring to the downed Israeli F-16, an official in the pro-Assad alliance said a "message" had been delivered to Israel. At one of these bases, Khmeimim Air Base, not far from the Mediterranean shore, is the Russian command bunker for its forces in Syria, which has a direct line of communication with the Israeli high command.

Both the United States, Israel's closest ally, and Russian Federation, which supports Assad in the Syrian civil war, have expressed concern over the latest clashes.



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