Project Fi now supports 170 countries for global travel

Image Google

Global phone service is generally something no one wants to talk about. In each of the cases, free roaming is covered while you're visiting. Google's Project Fi, on the other hand, is taking a more laid back approach to worldwide coverage.

Previously, Project Fi offered worldwide data in 135 countries, but that number has been increased to 170, including some countries like Monaco and Nigeria.

Google has announced that its Project Fi mobile network service is now available in 170 markets. The list is indeed long, and can be seen in full over on Project Fi's worldwide coverage page.

If you happen to be using a Gmail account to schedule your trip, you don't even need to do any planning in advance as far as your cell service is concerned. If you do, Project Fi will notify you whether your destination is covered by your plan and explain what you can expect to pay for service while traveling. These notifications are enabled by default, but you can turn them off in your account settings.

That brings the total to 170 countries and territories where Project Fi can be used.

In order to help Fi customers prior to a trip, Google will proactively send an alert to the user through the Project Fi app, letting the user know if the country is covered, and what the going rate is for voice calls.



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