Price increase at Disney World, Disneyland

Resorts Nick Foles of the Super Bowl LII winning team the Philadelphia Eagles celebrates in a Main Street parade at Walt Disney World

One-day ticket prices at Disney World are going up between about two to four percent. The value ticket will still cost $97.

Both of the iconic theme parks have increased their ticket prices every year since the 1970s.

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and Disneyland in Anaheim, California, are raising ticket prices by several dollars starting Sunday. The hike comes after Disney reported increased attendance at its theme parks in its first-quarter. "Regular" time will be $114 for adults and $108 for kids, while "peak" time tops out at $122 for adults and $116 for kids.

Disney tickets broke the $100 mark three years ago, when single-day Magic Kingdom prices were upped $4, from $99 to $105.

Beginning on Sunday, Magic Kingdom "value" days will cost $109 for an adult and $103 for children.

The price increases - which also impacted other Disney properties like Epcot, annual pass prices and parking prices - come amid an effort to spread out park attendance to lessen crowds and shorten wait times for lines. Theoretically, this program would prevent the parks from becoming overcrowded during the busiest seasons.

Non-Florida Residents will pay $949 for Platinum Pass Plus and $849 for Platinum Pass. Standard parking will now cost $22 per day, while preferred parking will cost $45 per day.

Disney also plans to sell multi-day tickets with date-specific pricing later this year.

At Disneyland, the resort will change its annual pass structure yet again later this year, as it attempts to guard against human gridlock in Disneyland when the new Star Wars land opens in 2019. All of the increases are reflected on the parks' websites.

Officials said that the program would continue to evolve and adapt to guests' visiting habits.



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