Padman Movie Review: Akshay educates, entertains and empowers women

PadMan Biggest commercial element in film is Akshay Kumar says R Balki

"It's natural! Period. ‬ ‪#PadManChallenge‬ ‪Copy, Paste this & Challenge your friends to take a photo with a Pad!‬" This is the message which Akshay Kumar, wife Twinkle Khanna and PadMan team have been using for the promotional campaign of their upcoming film tagging other celebrities to take up the PadMan challenge on social media. Fortunately, the domestic drama, between a traditional wife and her concerned husband, takes a pause and the film hits it stride when it explores and presents how Lakshmikant becomes the inventor of the low-priced sanitary pad. There is a speech at the end of the film and I mean every word of it. Kumar convinced his wife to turn the story into a feature movie with the goal of improving women's health in India. "I said "Yes" to do the film".

Radhika Apte plays his simple wife who is embarrassed by her husband's experiments to make sanitary pads affordable for her and women at large.

Akshay, apart from Pad Man, has films like 2.0 and Gold in his kitty - each different from the other.

"I feel as if women have been made to feel ashamed about their periods, hence, why they don't speak about it", she told India-West.

Story: Based on the life of Arunachalam Muruganathan it's about a man who is so concerned about his wife's menstrual hygiene that he goes to any length to help her, starting from buying expensive pads to making pads himself to creating a low cost sanitary pad making machine! But if you look closer, she is not a backward-thinking woman. "I knew that if I wanted this story to get into every household, not just in India but in rural India as well, then cinema was the best platform to use", Khanna told India-West. The talented actress shows what women go through during their periods and how society perceives them. The discussions were taking round for putting the sanitary napkins, in the category of luxury products for taxation.

Akshay Kumar's PadMan is set to hit theatres on February 9 and the trade pundits have expressed hopes that the film will continue the dream box office run started by Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmaavat earlier this year.

"Pad Man", Khanna stressed, is aimed at everyone in the family since the taboo around menstruation is still very much alive in India today.

In Between the various Taboos in the society, the most unfortunate one is the Menstrual cycle of women.

Most importantly, it discounts the work of activists and people who have spent time, resources and hard work, to not only crumble the stigma around menstruation but to educate people about it, to teach them fact from myths, making sanitary products available and accessible to thousands of women. Having Akshay Kumar as the frontrunner, who is recasting his brand image as a common man's superhero, the film has kept the anticipation level high.



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