North Star exhibit highlighted during Black History Month at St. Catharines Museum

North Star exhibit highlighted during Black History Month at St. Catharines Museum

African-Americans are a little more likely than whites to say those individuals should say they are only black. Community members and alumni are invited to participate along with PHCC students and employees.

Other events include "Yaaass Queen!" a discussion about the appropriation of African-American vernacular English, "In Loving Colour", and a screening of the documentary Whitney: Can I Be Me?, which is based on the life of late American singer and actress Whitney Houston. This work of African American historical fiction has been featured in book expos, nominated for awards, and was chosen as the book of the month for the Sisters Uptown Bookstore and Cultural Center in Harlem, NY. Learn about the center of African-American commerce known as "the strip", an area in the block of McIntosh Street between Wilkinson and Wayne streets.

Frank Waters, an activist and creator of, is the organizer of the events and is aiming to produce a collaborative set of programs which are created to engage and empower within the context of black history, according to the "Black History Month Kingston" website.

"We talk about colorism and racism while painting, and students are able to find inner resolve by painting out all of these things they've come to internalize", McIntosh said, who describes the event as a project she's seen grow since coming up with the idea.

"I don't really see an issue with it", he said.

February has been dedicated to the recognition of black history, showcasing important figures and heroes of African-American descent who had a significant impact on American society. The objective of Black History Month was to encourage the teaching of Black America's history in public schools nationwide.

It goes without saying that throughout much of the history of Western civilization, and particularly the United States, people of African descent have faced relentless discrimination and undue hardships simply because of the color of their skin.

"I used to always tell my students taking my class that 'This is not a black history class, this is an American history class, '" said Cox. "If we are a feminist group, you don't want to only have those people who feel like they're feminists in that room". This year's theme, "Dear Black People: Through the Decades", is to honor the African Americans who influenced our culture during each decade represented.

Nixon said the museum has also launched a social media campaign throughout the month of February to highlight the history of the black community in St. Catharines, with posts on Facebook and Twitter, as well as blog posts. "I think he just wore it to be amusing". Black history is American history.



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