Nintendo Releases Three New Trailers for Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Releases Three New Trailers for Nintendo Labo

The fishing rod and motorbike handlebars take advantage of the controllers' accelerometer and gyroscope, so it knows when the rod's reel is being rapidly wound to land a big catch or the motorbike takes a sharp turn, while the RC auto judders along thanks to the controllers' vibrations. The Robot Kit even allows you to customize and level-up your in-game robot.

The three new trailers show gameplay for every Nintendo Labo experience announced so far, and provide an in depth look at what Labo will be able to do straight out of the box.

Nintendo dropped Labo out of nowhere last month, surprising the world with the announcement of something fresh and unique. You can even create your own custom tracks, so start planning your designs now! You can even cut and scan your own waveforms and make your own sounds, and make a little rhythm card to turn your Toy-Con into a player piano. It also shows gameplay for a piano game, a fishing game, a racing game, a robot game, and a game where you "play with a mysterious little creature" in a house that you make out of the cardboard. There's even a composer mode where you can make full songs by overlaying different instruments.

Players can build their own wearable Toy-Con Robot suit and assume control of a giant in-game robot, completing challenges and destroying objects to unlock powerful new abilities. Slotting the Switch's detachable Joy-Con controllers into the cardboard shells transforms them into interactive toys, once you've booted up the actual game on the console. There are a variety of experiences to discover, including mine cart races, bowling, and playing jump rope.

For example, the Toy-Con 01 set's RC Car, which lets you see through the Joy-Con's IR camera - the first time we've ever seen the controller component used in this way.

One example shown is an RC auto that moves using the joycons' HD rumble feature.

If you're feeling competitive, you can even challenge a friend in two-player local battles or compare your high scores/rankings with other players!

Nintendo Labo encourages you to use your imagination and creativity to customize your cardboard Toy-Con creations. The Variety Kit will cost $70, while the Robot Kit will set you back $80.



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